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The Active Citizens Fund Cyprus aims to contribute to strengthening bilateral relations between civil society and other entities in Cyprus and entities in the donor states. Such a partnership could include networking, exchange, sharing and transfer of knowledge, technology, experience and best practice and should be reflected in the development and establishment of cooperation at project level within the project application.  


Strengthening bilateral relations within the Active Citizens Fund Cyprus can be achieved in two ways:  

  1. Open Call: Applicants are encouraged to include partnership with a ‘Donor project partner’ as part of their project application for the Open Call (See Section 3.2.2).
  1. Open Call for Bilateral Cooperation Initiatives:  This Call intends to support activities which aim at enhancing relations between CSOs in Cyprus and entities in the Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Applicantions must include, at least, one CSO legally registered in the Republic of Cyprus and one entity legally established in the Donor States. Find more information about the Call here. 

The Fund Operator has created a database of entities based in the Republic of Cyprus and in the Donor States that have expressed interest in applying for Bilateral Cooperation Initiatives and are looking for partners. Find potential partners for this Call here


The following Donor Contact Points have been set up to assist applicants to identify potential partners from the donor states for both the Open Call and the Bilateral Fund Open Call: 

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee:  

This site also includes a database to facilitate the identification of partners:  

The Icelandic Centre for Human Rights: 

Partnership opportunities in Iceland:




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