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NGO Support Centre and GrantXpert Consulting Ltd, in their capacity as the Fund Operator of the Active Citizens Fund Programme in Cyprus, are delighted to announce the Civil Society Organisations that have been selected to be funded under the programme’s Open Call (2021). With a total available funding of €1,165,000, the selected projects will contribute to the Call objectives, to increase citizens’ participation in civic activities, empower vulnerable groups and enhance the capacity and sustainability of civil society. 

The Active Citizens Fund is part of the EEA Financial Mechanism (EEA & Norway Grants) for the period of 2014-2021, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. The Active Citizens Fund Cyprus programme seeks to develop the long-term sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector, strengthening its role in promoting democratic participation, active citizenship, and human rights through the financial support of projects that boost collaboration, development and learning for the sector and the above topics. 

A total of 17 projects have been selected for funding from the 54 total applications that were submitted in response to the programme’s Open Call (2021). From the projects selected for funding, nine projects address the Call Outcome 1 “Increased Citizen Participation in Civic Activities” while the other eight projects address the Call Outcome 2 “Vulnerable groups empowered”. All selected projects propose activities that satisfy the mandatory Call Outcome 3 “Enhanced capacity and sustainability of civil society (organisations and the sector)” ensuring that the programme will support the strengthening of the capacity of the civil society sector in Cyprus. There are eight funded projects that include a bicommunal partnership, contributing to the programme’s priority to actively support bicommunal cooperation and projects that foster intercultural dialogue. Additionally, four projects will be implemented through a bilateral partnership, involving CSOs from two of the donor states, Norway and Liechtenstein.  

All stages of the selection process have been monitored by the Fund Operator to ensure that the process was in accordance with the programme rules and that transparency and fair assessment was maintained throughout. All eligible applications were scored by two independent experts, with experience in the field, and ranked according to their average score. The final ranking of projects was reviewed and approved by the Selection Committee which included members that were external to the Fund Operator and in which a representative of the National Focal Point of EEA & Norway Grants in Cyprus participated as an observer. 

The list of the projects selected for funding, with an overall grant allocation of €1,165,000, can be found here.  

The Fund Operator has the pleasure of noting the diversity of the projects that will be funded by the Active Citizens Fund in Cyprus both in terms of their thematic focus as well as their target groups. Funded activities are expected to benefit vulnerable groups in Cyprus including women, victims of domestic abuse, refugees and migrants, artists, the elderly and youth among others. The selected projects seek to promote citizens’ participation and empower vulnerable groups by intervening in various areas such as sexual health, environmental awareness, social inclusion, digital upskilling, intergenerational exchange and arts-based community building. The Fund Operator looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with grantees that will have a positive and lasting impact in developing the capacity and sustainability of the civil society sector in Cyprus.  

About the NGO Support Centre 

The NGO Support Centre is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the development and strengthening of civil society in Cyprus. It has developed substantive experience and expertise over the last two decades in the fields of active citizenship, peace and reconciliation, development education, human rights education, intercultural dialogue, and participation. The vision of the NGO Support Centre is a dynamic, active, and reactive civil society in Cyprus that participates in and advocates for democracy, dialogue and civic engagement. 

About GrantXpert Consulting Ltd 

GrantXpert Consulting holds a leading position in the area of consultancy services on European programmes in Cyprus, with extensive expertise in providing high level consulting and training services, contributing to the development of EU enterprises, municipalities/communities, Universities, Research Institutes, NGOs, and other types of organizations. Further to the provision of information about funding opportunities and the preparation of proposals for the obtainment of funds, the company is involved in the financial and administrative management of funded projects, thus offering comprehensive services and continuous guidance at all stages from proposal preparation to project completion. Moreover, the company implements research projects on social-economic, entrepreneurial and educational topics and develops innovative training programmes on matters directly related to the Cypriot market, aiming to increase the competitiveness of small-to-medium companies, which consist of 99% of all enterprises on the island. 

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