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Project Promoter: SEAL CYPRUS- Cyprus Organization for Sustainable Education and Active Learning

Partners: The Management Centre of the Mediterranean, Capital Youth Association (Liechtenstein)

Relative Outcome: Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Duration: 16 months

Project Budget: €108,903.33

Grant Amount: €99,903.33


DARE project is aiming at two Outcomes, namely (a) Increased Citizen Participation in Civic Activities and (b) Enhanced Capacity and Sustainability of Civil Society in Cyprus. The project targets Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and individuals in both the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot communities. The project targets all CSO but it will focus on the Civil Society Organisations in the fields of Youth, Gender Equality, Environment, and Health.

The project consortium comprised of 3 partners. SEAL CYPRUS is coordinating the project DARE CYPRUS. They are based in the Republic of Cyprus. They are working on social issues, and they provide opportunities for competence development to individual learners such as Educators, Youth Workers, Human Resource Professionals etc. and for capacity building to organisations. Project Partner 1, The Management Centre of the Mediterranean is representing the Turkish Cypriot community. Project Partner 2, Capital Youth Association from Liechtenstein is implementing projects at national level in one of the Donor Countries. The two partners in Cyprus will jointly work towards the project outcomes with the support of the partner in Liechtenstein.

The project Activities include training and consulting in topics such as (indicatively):

  • Human Resource Management in Voluntary Projects when implementing (European) Citizens’ Initiatives;
  • Online Campaigns and Petitions;
  • Validation of non-formal Learning with Open Badges.
  • Stakeholder Dialogue in four steps; (1) Exploring and Engaging, (2) Building and formalising, (3) Implementing and evaluating, (4) Developing further, replicating or institutionalising.

A combination of communication methods will support the visibility of the project, the partners, and the Donors.

The project DARE started on 1 August 2022 and has a duration of 16 months, up to 30 November 2023.

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