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Project Promoter: Cyprus Computer Society

Partners: Novatex Solutions LTD, HERON Digital Education and Mathisis Ltd

Relative Outcome: Vulnerable groups empowered

Duration: 20 months

Project Budget: €116,323.00

Grant Amount: €100,000.00


The project Code4Rural aims to strengthen digital skills in rural areas in both the Greek Cypriot (G/C) and Turkish Cypriot (T/C) communities, emphasizing on promoting new and improved learning methods.

Although we live in an age of technology, we often encounter digital illiteracy in Cyprus.

To combat it, we need to familiarize young G/C and T/C children and adolescents, who live mainly in rural areas, with Robotics, coding, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education and other 21st century skills.


The project will recruit, and train mentors related to technology, create educational material for educators and students, implement an online educational platform in addition to physical training sessions, as well as a website that will be used to disseminate and sustain the project and its results.


By providing students the digital skills needed through interactive activities they will be able to advocate for their needs and become the active citizens of the future. Through the organisation of multiplier and bicommunal events and the establishment of a “Projects Fair” the students will interact and join forces for the future.

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