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Project Promoter: CY.R.C Cyprus Refugee Council

Partners: Mülteci Hakları Derneği (Refugee Rights Association) , G.F.C. Generation for Change

Relative Outcome: Vulnerable groups empowered

Duration: 14 months

Project Budget: €102,224.25

Grant Amount: €96,814.25


The Project aims to strengthen capacity and sustainability of CSOs and Refugee/Migrant Led organizations (MRLOs) that operate on both sides of the divide, offering services to vulnerable persons within refugee/migrant communities, such as victims of trafficking, torture, and gender-based violence. 

The project will develop and deliver training sessions promoting the adoption of interdisciplinary, multi-level and holistic needs assessment methods for attending vulnerable refugees/migrants, as well as that of operating principles that ensure transparent and accountable governance among CSOs/MRLOs in the sector. 

The joint process of identifying and addressing capacity needs of CSOs and MRLOS in both sides of the divide will increase the capacity of partnering organizations and will allow for the development of relevant, updated, and meaningful training content, which will substantially increase participating CSOs’ and MRLOs’ ability to offer efficient, sustainable, and harmonized services to vulnerable refugees and migrants. 

The bicommunal character of the project activities will facilitate networking between CSOs and MRLOs in both sides of the divide, allowing for the creation of a common operation framework and lay the foundation for wider useful synergies both during as well as after the completion of the project.

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