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Project Promoter: AKTI Project and Research Centre, Cyprus

Partners: Mağusa Suriçi Derneği (MASDER), Norsensus Mediaforum (Norway)

Relative Outcome: Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Duration: 20 months

Project Budget: €107,461.50

Grant Amount: €99,955.55

Having the UN Sustainable Development Goals at its core, this project aims to engage Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in understanding and advocating for their human right to a sustainable and healthy environment.

With “Knowledge leads to awareness; Awareness leads to change” as its motto, this bicommunal project aims to create synergies and joint forces among CSOs and informal groups and build networks of active citizens across the divide. To do so, a series of activities will be implemented to foster civic engagement and volunteerism through the heightened involvement of the public, particularly children and youth, in actions and advocacy that concern the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainability.

Training and capacity-building activities will be implemented, aiming to build capacity in CSOs and informal groups working on a variety of topics that can affect and are affected by environmental/sustainability policies, helping them become more efficient and effective at advocacy and participation.

The successful implementation of these activities will enhance the capacity and sustainability of civil society and will foster peacebuilding. The overall result of the project will be its contribution to a stronger and more sustainable civil society on the island, greater bicommunal cooperation and intercultural dialogue concerning sustainability, and more active citizens.

This project is implemented through the collaboration of AKTI Project and Research Centre with the Turkish-Cypriot organization MASDER (Famagusta Walled City Association), and Norsensus Mediaforum from Norway.

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