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Project Promoter: “Peace and Friendship” Athletic and Cultural Youth Club

Partners: Mağusa Gençlik Birliği Derneği (Famagusta Youth Union Association), Famagusta Avenue Garage

Relative Outcome: Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Duration: 8 months

Project Budget: €29,960.00

Grant Amount: €24,560.00




The project ‘Empowering the Youth of Famagusta – Shaping Our Common Future’ or in short ‘emPOWER’ is organized by the ‘Peace and Friendship’ Athletic and Cultural Youth Club, Magusa Genclik Birligi Association and Famagusta Avenue Garage. The project officially commenced on the 15th of July 2022 and will run for 8 months, ending on the 14th of March 2023.

The three organizers, which are active organizations based in the Famagusta region, have joined forces and using a holistic approach have designed a project which aims to empower young people and equip them with a range of skills and experiences that can help their personal and professional development. The project is focused on three main pillars, the first is to raise awareness regarding prevalent issues in today’s context such as human rights and peace education as well as inter-communal dialogue in order to strengthen participation in democratic processes. The project’s second pillar involves enhancing the professional skills of young people in order to render them capable to face the challenges of the post-covid world. Lastly, the project is focused on providing experiences that will enrich the social skills of young people in a way that strengthens inclusivity and acceptance in an intercommunal society.  Our main target groups are university students, high school students, young professionals and members of partner organizations. The main deliverables include a booklet about innovative ways of bicommunal cooperation and a guide for sustainable civil societies, awareness campaigns and trainings on various topics.

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