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Project Promoter: Room for Art

Partners: Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family - SPAVO

Relative Outcome: Vulnerable groups empowered

Duration: 12 months

Project Budget: €22,839.70

Grant Amount: €19,439.70




RestART aims to empower victims of domestic violence through art.  Women, victims of domestic violence in Cyprus, will participate in a series of interactive workshops during which they will be guided by art mentors, to explore the dimension of self- empowerment through arts and storytelling with the intent of transforming their personal narratives from victims of violence into advocates empowered for their own positive futures.

Engaged in structured art activities led by local artists, the women will be inspired toward an understanding of personal and societal forces contributing to their relationships with the world and will articulate these insights through arts raising awareness and encouraging dialogue to inspire positive social change. 

At the same time the project will engage with civil society capacity building through various activities including a good practices seminar indented to train both art mentors directly involved in the project as well as civil society organizations’ staff and volunteers working with vulnerable groups. Thus, the project has a strong focus on the empowerment of vulnerable groups and capacity building of civil society in Cyprus.

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