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Project Promoter: Future Worlds Center


Relative Outcome: Vulnerable groups empowered

Duration: 18 months

Project Budget: €120,296.69

Grant Amount: €99,351.73


Civic Action Now in Cyprus (CAN-CY), by Future Worlds Center (FWC) and the Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD), aspires to improve inclusion and meaningful participation of youth in socio-political and economic life.  CAN-CY responds to key objectives of the Call: “empowering vulnerable groups” (Outcome 2) and “enhancing capacity and sustainability of civil society” (Outcome 3). Implementation is conducted in 7 phases:

1. An online campaign will run on Pusula/Ππούσουλας for approximately 3 months inviting youth across the island to share their ideas on:

  • How to overcome socio-political and economic obstacles inhibiting them from being active citizens (e.g., equal access to services, practising human rights, growth opportunities, economic challenges etc.)
  • Interventions/actions (e.g. policies, regulations, reforms, etc.), which if adopted, could contribute towards addressing these obstacles.

2.The top 50 most supported ideas on Pusula/Ππούσουλας will be transferred to Idea Prism App through which their authors will be supported to turn their ideas into proposals (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Relevant, Time-bounded).

3. The general public will be invited to evaluate ideas for Impact, Feasibility, and Probability of happening without intervention, by scoring ideas from 1-5 through Idea Prism. The scores will allow us to identify the top 25 proposals that are most promising to act upon.

4. The authors of the top 25 proposals will be invited to participate in a face-to-face event based on a Structured Democratic Dialogue Process (SDDP) to structure their proposals into an Influence Map. The event will be broadcasted live on social media to allow the general public to ask questions or post comments.

5. The project will integrate the results of phase 3 and 4 to produce an effective action-road-map. The action-road-map will be widely disseminated to generate public awareness and mobilize youth action.  F2F and online meetings will be organized to discuss how to take concrete steps towards the implementation of the action-road-map and identify the relevant policy makers for its implementation.

6.  Mentorship and life-skills trainings will be delivered to support those interested in taking the lead to lobby towards implementation of the action-road-map.

7. All contributors and the wider public will be invited to evaluate the Project’s activities. The survey results and project deliverables will be consolidated into a Policy Recommendation Report and disseminated to identified target groups.

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