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Project Promoter: Civil Society Advocates

Relative Outcome: Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Duration: 12 months

Project Budget: €28,472.60

Grant Amount: €22,648.60


For Stronger CSOs: Advocacy and capacity building for the empowerment of CSOs


To improve the operational environment for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and to encourage the creation of a more enabling environment for them. The project focuses on the implementation of the Law 104(I)/2017 on Associations, Foundations, Federations and Unions of organisations, as well as the practices implemented in relation to the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing rules.


Main actions of the project:

  • A survey of the challenges faced by CSOs in relation to the above-mentioned provisions.
  • Raising awareness about international standards on CSO management, as well as best practices regarding anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing, and how these can be implemented in accordance to international obligations.
  • Building capacity for CSOs to be better able to cope with the administrative and financial requirements.
  • Producing a set of recommendations that if implemented will contribute to a more constructive communication and collaboration between CSOs and public authorities.


A number of CSOs, including various umbrella CSOs as collaborators, as well as groups that may not have a legal entity, will be engaged in the needs assessment and the capacity-building activities. Through a series of awareness raising activities addressed to the general public the project will shed light on the role of CSOs in society.  In addition, the project will reach key relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, members of the House of Representatives, and the Central Bank of Cyprus to increase their awareness regarding current challenges faced by CSOs and how to create a more enabling environment for them.

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