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Project Promoter: Cans for Kids

Relative Outcome: Increased citizen participation in civic activities

Duration: 8 months

Project Budget: €20,428.00

Grant Amount: €20,428.00



WE CAN is a dynamic project that will offer opportunities in environmental and philanthropic volunteerism to citizens otherwise not engaged.  For nine months, through education and training, Cans for Kids’ volunteers will reach out to youth and community groups by organising hands-on activities.  Outcomes will add value to the island’s efforts towards sustainable and responsible recycling, while providing better care at paediatric wards throughout Cyprus.

For 30 years, Cans for Kids has promoted aluminium can recycling.  The charity runs a wide network of can banks across Cyprus and operates a can sorting/crushing facility.  After metal is gathered from can banks, it is sorted and crushed by volunteers (every Saturday morning).  At the same time, Cans For Kids continually learns of needs from medical staff at the pediatric wards of hospitals.  Consequently, crushed cubes of metal translate to valuable equipment sent to pediatric wards.  All of this comes about due to active individuals, households, organisations and communities.

Using outreach, and new and established media, WE CAN plans to bring more youth and communities in Cyprus on board.  At a Nicosia university, a communications course will be devoted to WE CAN.  Young people will learn about the whys and hows of recycling in Cyprus and abroad.  The charity is well placed to offer students help in creative messaging; these skills can be useful in their future communication endeavours.  Likewise, at least six Cypriot communities will have can banks placed, with training for monitors to understand best practice at each site.  Clean-up days and school activities will attract youth and/or individuals from under-represented groups and communities. 

WE CAN and Cans for Kids offer opportunities and rewards intrinsic to volunteering for environmental and philanthropic causes. 

WE CAN recycle more. WE CAN volunteer to help others.

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